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Sports Chiropractic in Mesa

Sports chiropractic is an important component of optimizing performance. Dr. Roderick is a Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician, with the advanced training and experience necessary to help you improve your game.

The Biomechanics of Motion

If two athletes of equal ability and training compete, the one who is functioning better biomechanically will perform better. Understanding human biomechanics and how to remove the restrictions that inhibit motion is Dr. Roderick’s specialty.

At every level, the better you’re moving, the better you’re going to perform. For example, if a golfer’s hips or neck are restricted, they won’t be able to swing properly. Even with a so-called “simple” sport like running, there is so much we can help with: there are 28 bones and 33 joints in the foot! Making sure all those bones and joints are moving correctly will make a big difference in your performance.

If you’ve been injured playing sports, chiropractic care can help you heal faster and better. By restoring proper alignment, your body can heal in the correct position-similar to how you set a broken bone so that it heals straight.

Chiropractic care removes the restrictions in the body, then your body can heal itself, as it was designed to. Chiropractic also reduces inflammation, increases blood flow and reduces swelling, which allows normal function to return to the joint.

Dr. Roderick has treated athletes from little kids playing baseball for the first time to world-class athletes. He was a staff chiropractor at the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, Utah, providing support for athletes from every nation that didn’t have their own team chiropractor. He was the Medical Director for the World Snowmobile Association, and treated athletes at the Winter X-Games in Aspen, Colorado.

Get Your Game On Track Today

Whatever your sport and whatever your level, Dr. Jeff Roderick’s office has the experience and skill to help your body function at its optimum. Get the most out of your game-schedule an appointment today.

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