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A User Manual for YOUR body

Roadmaps tell us how to get from where we are to a new destination. The Enhance Roadmap™ does precisely that, but customized to YOUR body! Synthesized from the results of comprehensive cognitive testing, genetic testing, neural integrative testing, and an extensive panel of bloodwork, it details the specific things you can do to go from your current level of cognitive and physical functioning to a better place where you experience greater focus, clarity, well-being, and confidence.

The Enhance Roadmap is the most highly personalized, highly individualized approach to functional medicine in the industry.”
– Matt Fisher, RN, Cognitive Specialist

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Objective Data, About You!

Each person’s path through life is unique, so helping you improve your cognitive and physical functioning must be based on your personal genetics, lifestyle, and environment. That’s why we take the time to gather comprehensive health and life history, conduct a broad 40+ panel of blood tests, perform an integrative medicine review of your current medications, supplements, and treatments, and review your personality, goals, and lifestyle with a Certified Memory Coach. We use the insights gained through this process to write a unique Roadmap that outlines the specific steps you can take to optimize your brain health.

I did not realize how impaired I was, until I started getting this much better.”
-David Winkler, Client

Good Science, for Everyone!

Family in parkBrain science is exploding right now! Our understanding of the brain is accelerating, and the latest scientific discoveries have come in just the last ten years. However, standard medical practice (SMP) lags behind current proven science on average 17 years.

Unlike standard medical practice, we have the flexibility to be right on the cutting edge of the latest research and pivot and change our approach quickly based on the most brilliant neurologists in the world and the needs of our clients!

“The Enhance Roadmap lab panel goes far, far, beyond anything I ever saw in 14 years working in hospitals and medical facilities. It is simply the most thorough lab panel I have ever seen as a nurse.”
– Matt Fisher, RN, Cognitive Specialist

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A Solid Plan, for Better Brain Health

When you combine objective data with good science, you get a solid plan for better brain health! This plan gives you the specific do’s and don’ts in your daily living for your body and brain health.

When you combine the power of a good plan with a good coach, you become unstoppable on your path to better brain health. By following your roadmap, working with your coach, and learning your body, you set yourself on the way to a happier and healthier you!

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