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About Dr. Jeff Roderick

Live Well, Stay Fit, Be Healthy

We have a simple goal at our clinic: we want to help you get better now, so you can get back to living your life the way you want to. Dr. Roderick has a wealth of knowledge, and he is passionate about educating patients on the causes of their dysfunction and explaining why they hurt where they hurt. When we get you back to optimal functionality, you are able to live well, stay fit and be healthy.

You Are Not Your Injury

Our office is very relaxed, upbeat and positive, where everyone is excited to see you and get to know you.

You’re not a stiff neck or an ankle injury-you’re a special, unique individual with your own cool story, and we are grateful for the opportunity to get to know you and help you feel better.

Change Is Good

Dr. Roderick began practicing in Idaho in 1999. His family had an opportunity to move to Mesa in 2015, and they were excited to embrace the change and make a difference in people’s lives here. He loves that people can be as active as they want year-round in Arizona, and it’s rewarding to help keep people healthy and functioning well so they can enjoy life fully.

We Love Results

We treat a lot of kids, and one of our favorite success stories involves a two-year-old who needed tubes in his ears for recurrent ear infections. His mom decided to try chiropractic as a last resort before going ahead with surgery. After adjusting him three times, his ears were clear. The ear, nose and throat doctor confirmed that he didn’t need surgery, and he no longer suffers from ear infections.

Don’t Wait for Care

Whether it’s childhood ear infections, sciatica, a sports injury, or a concussion from a car accident, Dr. Roderick has the experience and confidence to help you get better. And if he can’t help you, he has built relationships with a network of providers that he will refer you to.

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