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Coaching for Better Brain Health

Do I need a Coach?

Yes! At Pro Active Brain Health, we know successful people surround themselves with good coaches and every great athlete has an outstanding coach that makes all the difference. The same is true when it comes to lifestyle changes for better brain health! If you are going to be successful in implementing the changes you will be making in The Enhance Protocol, you are going to need a coach throughout the process.

Why a Brain Health Coach?

As Certified Brain Health Coaches, we are here to help you understand how you can keep your brain health on point! We help to answer questions including how to establish more brain healthy habits, how to live The 7 Key Areas to Improved Cognitive Function, and ultimately help you understand how your body works so you can be as self sufficient as possible in managing your brain & body health.

Personalized Coaching

Friends chatting over coffeeAs Brain Health Coaches, we work for you! We meet you wherever you are on the path of cognitive health, and help you get where you want to go!

For example, if you’re a vegetarian and want to stay a vegetarian while still hitting your diet goals, we figure out how to make that work. If you hate to cook, we find brain healthy options for eating out or help you find food delivery services that work for your genetic profile. If you love to cook, we’ll have tons of easy recipes to get you on track towards better brain health!

Whatever personalized strategy you need to succeed, we’re here to help you figure it out together!

The heart of our success comes from the good guidance and coaching each client receives as they participate.”
-Randy Vawdrey, NP-C, Chief Medical Consultant

A Team of Brain Health Coaches

shaking handsWhen you enroll in The Enhance Protocol, you don’t get just one coach, you get a full team of highly trained Brain Health Coaches. Our Brain Health Coaches have first hand experience helping individuals halt cognitive decline and take the steps towards cognitive recovery.

As Brain Health Coaches, we personally practice the principles we coach in The 7 Key areas to Improved Cognitive Function, and with our laser focus on helping you succeed, we dive deep into the science to find answers to your personal needs and most pressing questions!

It was hands down the best decision that could have been made. She has come tenfold from where she was. She’s able to function, talk, enjoy her grandkids, and be independent again. I got my mom back.”
-EP Client: Suzy’s Daughter

Woman at laptop

Anywhere in the World

We’re here to help you wherever you may live! For remote clients we work to setup weekly or bi-weekly appointments to hear the things that are working for you, the things that aren’t, and strategize about the next steps forward!

Whether you’re in Arizona, Wales, India, or Rome, we work with clients around the world to help them boost their brain health and get back on track to the life they want to live!

The 7 Key Areas to Improved Cognitive Function*

*We know discoveries occur regularly, which give more answers and insight about our brain and body health. These “7 Key Areas to Improved Cognitive Function” are “Key” because there is good science supporting them. We update these as discoveries and advances are made.

1. Brain Training

The brain is like a muscle. When routinely challenged, neurons and synaptic connections are strengthened and enhanced. Our Brain Health coaches are trained in various brain training exercises to help you optimize your brain training.

2. Exercise

Exercise can help improve cognitive function, and all participants are encouraged to engage in some form of exercise each day. Exercise is an effective way to enhance cerebral blood flow and improve oxygen delivery to the brain. Exercise also helps move lymph through muscle contractions and functionally can help strengthen the immune system. Our Brain Health Coaches can help you create an exercise plan that works for you and fits into your lifestyle.

3. Diet

Dietary intervention is the mainstay of intervention, and when dietary changes are embraced and followed consistently, cognitive improvement almost always follows. The brain is a very active organ and requires high energy to function. Having a diet that will support the functions of your brain, rather than deplete its resources, is essential.

4. Dental Hygiene

Dental health promotes cognitive health! There is a growing awareness that dental health is correlated with brain health. Persistent dental decay usually predicts constant brain decay. If you have concerns about your dental health, you should schedule a dental consult and discuss these concerns with your dentist/hygienist. Be proactive and learn how to improve your dental and brain health.

5. Sleep

Sleep is essential to optimize brain function. Restful sleep is the way our mind ‘resets and recharges’ each day. Adequate and restful sleep is an integral part of good cognitive function. Even if you do not think you have a sleep disorder, every person at risk for cognitive decline should complete an overnight oximetry test. Most individuals do not know how well they sleep, how much time they spend in REM sleep, how well they oxygenated during the night, etc. You can ask your physician or your Brain Health Coach about ways we can test and improve the quality of your sleep.

6. Stress Management

Stress relaxation can help optimize brain function, and you are encouraged to engage in some form of intentional and focused stress reduction effort each day. Most individuals agree that small and simple things can be done to calm the nerves regularly to relieve stress and aid relaxation. Your Brain Health Coach is versed in many different relaxation methods and can help you find a stress-reduction technique that works for you!

7. Supplements

Supplements have a definitive role in cognitive disorders. There are supplements to improve focus, motivation, memory, mood, and cognition. If you have ever used caffeine as a means of stimulating alertness and awareness, you’ll probably find this area fascinating.

Questions about our Coaching?

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