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Pediatric Chiropractic in Mesa

Why Do Kids Need Chiropractic?

Kids may be small, but they still suffer from the same kinds of sprains, strains and muscle soreness as adults. People don’t realize that babies can get headaches, but they can and they do! Often when a baby is fussy, the assumption is colic-when in reality, they might have a headache or a stiff neck. Problems with latching can be caused by a stiff neck that prevents the baby from turning their head.

How Do You Adjust Kids and Babies?

Parents are sometimes nervous about chiropractic care for their little one. Adjusting kids is very different from adjusting adults. It’s extremely gentle, and performed with the Activator® adjusting instrument. The pressure that’s applied is equivalent to the pressure you use to push the keypad on a telephone.

At Dr. Jeff Roderick’s office, we adjust kids and babies every day-we’re a true family practice. If kids are nervous, we are great at putting them at ease by demonstrating on Mom or Dad first. With toddlers and little ones up to about age five, we have them sit on Mom’s or Dad’s lap, face to face like a hug, while we adjust them. It takes about a minute, and it’s very gentle. (Sitting face to face seems to calm the parents as well as the kids.)

With babies, a parent can simply hold them as if they were burping them, and we’ll adjust them extremely gently with the Activator® in less than a minute.

Effects of Chiropractic

After an adjustment, it’s common for a child to take a good nap and have a huge poop. These are good things, the result of restoring proper nerve function. When their head feels better and their neck isn’t stiff, fussiness diminishes and latching improves. Chiropractic is also effective in eliminating ear infections.

It’s Never Too Early to Start

Dr. Roderick adjusted each of his four children the day they were born. It’s never too early to get chiropractic care to help your child get their best start in life. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for your child.

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